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Keywords: Anonymity
anonymous communication
mix networks
onion routing
Issue Date: 14-Jun-2010
Abstract: As we place more and more of our lives on internet ,it seems that threat to our personal privacy are also increasing. Even encryption alone cannot ensure freedom and privacy of users on internet. The routing information is visible to anyone observing the network. IP addresses that appear in all communication of a user can link all transactions of a user and can be linked to physical persons, seriously compromising their privacy. Anonymous communication is thus a necessary measure to protect the privacy of users, and protect computer systems against traffic analysis. Anonymity systems seeks to build an infrastructure running on top of the existing Internet protocols that allows people to communicate with each other without necessarily revealing their personal network identifiers. The basic idea behind any anonymous system is to provide unlinkability between communicating parties by relaying traffic through a number of intermediate nodes. If the messages are delayed and buffered at these intermediate nodes then they can provide stronger anonymity. Such message based systems are suitable for high latency anonymous applications such as anonymous email. Such systems are called Mix based system. Circuit based randomized routing techniques like Onion Routing and TOR are used for providing low latency applications like anonymous web browsing or remote login. All these anonymous systems are used by are used by diverse group of users to protect their identities on the Internet
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/259
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